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Infoneo is a leading Indian door-to-door marketing Company which provides directly to, and create a connection with our own clients with their’ prospects customers at their homes, places of work, in store and at private sites and public venues, gaining the maximum outreach possible for our clients.
We mainly serve corporate marketing departments & market research companies as well.

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No.1 Door to Door Marketing Agency

Services we Offer
We throughly understand offline marketing like no one.

Flyers Distribution

Flyers Distribution

Our on-ground team will actively communicate your message orally while also handing a flyer out to people walking by in high footfall areas.

Door Knob Hanging

Door Knob Hanging

Our on-ground team will leave the door knob at the appartments doors which we track all through LIVE GPS tracking and pictures and share that data right back to you.

Door to door Survey

Door to door Survey

Our door-to-door survey services allow our clients to reach where your prospects resides or work and get their input from within their own environment.

Let's See How Your Offline Branding Stacks Up?

Get a Detailed Assessment of you Offline Branding methodologies with the custom plan to take them to the next level.

Benefits of offline marketing
We create customized, comprehensive yet effective branding campaigns.

Targeting local audience

For more local marketing & targeting, offline marketing is the best. The local audience still peeps out for local banners, newspapers & various other tradional forms when they are more concern about local businesses.

Cost Effective

Although various offline marketing services are expensive than online marketing, but Merchandising collating etc can cost you a little and still cover a wide audience that digital marketing cannot.

Reach out to Targeted Audience

Offline ads such as newspaper and TV advertising can work extremely good for your business expansion. You can build brand awareness and promote your business to maximise reach to an undetermined locations you wish to target.

Real world existence

offline barnding have real-world existence, unlike the digital marketing. For geographical areas having no or little access to the internet, the offline marketing branding strategy is more applicable for targeting the local hosts in these locations.

Social Targeting

Corporate social responsibilty projects need ground level access to the people for whoose beneficial the services are. Thus working for various societies like disaled, specially abeled and others gives strength to your branding as well.

Promoting Digital offline

We curate your company’s most intricate products like applications, services etc onboard and helps you get more customers, business or even the application dowloads.

The Wonderland of Our Presence

75% of the Door to Door Campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

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