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Build your custom online store. We have years of experience building custom shops through various eCommerce platforms. Our team can build the custom features and functionality you need to provide the right experience to your customers. We can make a custom interface for your sole information needs, create new ways for buyers to look through and filter the goods you provide, or even extend existing features with more intricate filtering options. We work to create the perfect shopping experience for your customers.

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Types of eCommerce Stores We Build
Being a Top eCommerce Development Company

Faster time to market, delightful customer experience with the continuous progression of the technological landscape create an environment for continual evaluation and evolution. Looking ahead in time, you need someone to take care of your existing digital assets.

eCommerce Storefronts

Being a top-notch eCommerce development company, we design customeric centric web stores & drop shopping websites to offer a regular buying experience for your consumers to access irresepective of their locations.

E-Commerce Aggregators

If you are planning for a customized eCommerce solution that combines together various vendors & summarize their solutions under one umbrella then we are ready to offer you our specialised services.


With our Professional eCommerce web development expertise, we deploy multi-currency and multi-lingual marketplaces as a wise medium for an good collaboration between clients and sellers.

Delivery Platforms

With our ranging eCommerce website development services, we implement solutions to ensure online delivery businesses operate, manage & track deliveries seamlessly & make customisations whenever required.

Booking Platforms

We design & deploy personalized solutions to make booking & ticketing activities more comfortable, transparent for customers worldwide. We pay complete attention to the payment encryption security method & solution Performances.

B2B Trade Portals

Our solutions support businesses to manage and establish a secure multichannel global trade, form their partnerships, design competitive public offerings, and combine with traders globally.

The Major Industries we Cover

When you decide on for eCommerce development services from us, you get a squad who have years of domain experience in eCommerce development & serve up diverse business verticals. In squat, we are experts offering solutions that fit your niche the finest.

  • Commence your own food delivery app to start on!

    We aid individual restaurants, to its chains and delivery partners with the best-in-class development of custom mobile and web applications to aid their online food delivery and table booking business nurture.

    • Live order tracking
    • Push notifications and orders
    • Advanced filter & search options
    • Easy payment options
    • Advanced review system
    Restaurants & Takeaways
  • Commence your own grocery delivery app !!

    Offer picture perfect shopping experience to your customers. We help out single grocery stores and its chains and grocery marketplaces with advanced and easy-to-use web and app features.

    • Easy login and ordering options
    • Highly scalable & secure
    • Advanced product filtering options
    • Advanced review system
    • Live tracking facilities
    Online Grocery store
  • Get your online apparel store in just 2 days !!

    We design, create, customize and deploy online fashion & clothing stores and brand websites. Our eCommerce website development experts build scalable, highly interactive and easy to use applications that improve user experience & brand loyalty.

    • Easy product search, filter & sort options
    • Order tracking facility
    • Device Compatibility
    • Manage coupons, discounts, and much more
    Fashion & Clothing
  • Grow your jewelry business online !!

    Grow your potential customer reach. We build secure, user friendly and customer centric online jewelry stores and mobile apps that help businesses to enhance brand loyalty and stand to the lead in the competition.

    • Unlimited products listing
    • Advanced search, sort & filter product lists
    • Device Compatibility
    • Easy to manage
    Jewelary eCommerce
  • Begin your ticket booking platform on the go !!

    We proffer customized online booking solutions that are secure, scalable, customer centric and improve your potential online customer reach.

    • Secure payment options
    • Enhanced search & filter options
    • Easy to manage dashboards
    • Interactive Designs
    Booking Solutions
  • Starting your own Classified or directory Listing app!!

    We offer data management apps that support the management of a large number of products & services from small businesses to enterprises at a time. As a Classified management application company in India we offer various features.

    • Remotely managed dashboard
    • Up-to-date products/servies view
    • Managing subscriptions and bookings
    • Advanced review system
    Classified & Directories

Innovation & Reliablity executed by Latest Technologies

Using the Infinite Possibilities

Magento is the World's Number 1 and most customizable commerce platform with more than 3 lakhs merchants globally, it efficiently boosts your sales online and maximizes the net margins. If you're looking for a Best Magento development company that offers great results, as our specialized services include:

Using prestashop, Infoneo's team puts the best efforts to run and spread your online business. With an efficient store management, Prestashop powers over 100,000 eCommerce entrepreneurs globally We’ve chosen it to build seamless websites with best-in-class service integrations, payment providers, shipping methods, sales and accounting, analytics and social selling.

It is an extendable, flexible, open-source commerce platform by WordPress. For delivering an uncomplicated, stunning and pleasant shopping cart experience, we use WooCommerce with the Combining the control of various plug-ins into a one standalone eCommerce platform we provide the following WooCommerce services.

The website which gives you complete access with control is Shopify- you can innovate with the help of custom apps as well with the available ones for marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping. Our team uses the most excellent themes and up to date sales channels presented by Shopify to make an impact on your customers with a magnificent UX/UI and over various international payment gateways.

We at Infoneo can create a custom eCommerce website, with all the features required by client, improved third-party faster page loading and many other features in addition to better your Sales and Brand. We use best of technologies with latest frameworks and tools which providing amazing eCommerce web development services in India.

In-House Web Development Services
Our team constructs meaningful web experiences with purpose.

We always attempt to trim down the costs with better administration and integration.


UI elements, typography, and color schemes are chosen based on branding requirements and our design research and analysis.The simpler, the better, a website has to be less in size.


The information that is provided and published should be according to the company, this have to be a faithful representation of the picture of the organization.


The use of mobile devices is a trend that is flattering a habit, if a web page does not have a suitable format that can be read in the approved manner, most likely miss the chance.


Changes are one of the key elements for any company to highlight, formerly you have a web page you should not leave it in the dark, the market is changing and the forms of communication are also.

Own domain

Having it is same with credibility and importance, two key aspects for any industry, once you have it you can include it to Google to appear in the searches that are done through its engines although it is automatic.


Listen to clientele, you can devise small questionnaires that will offer information that is too useful about your services, if used correctly, will have extremely important benefits for the company.

Hire eCommerce Developer

Optimize and automate business processes, boosts your customers base, and maximize RoI by hiring our dedicated custom eCommerce developers for your up-to-date cost-effective development.

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Which Accomplish Every Business Need

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