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Infoneo has a very simple Goal: To aid you boost your traffic and see your website giving you 10X profit in the next 90 days, step by step. No more hesitation or predicting on what works for SEO/SMO in 2021-22.

Our SEO/SMO Audit Process is Absouletly FREE but useful solutions that will place your website in the correct path. We'll let you know what's wrong and can help you as well in order to FIX it. Even if you are still confused and not sure about how to do it! Don;t worry We'll do it for you!

Our SEO/SMO Audits are Purely MANUAL, carried out by professional SEO/SMO Experts and particular for your website only.


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  • TAT within 24 hours
  • Complete Strategies
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Why Should I Get an
Audit Review?

SEO Audit services India
  • To optimise your Traffic in Just 90 Days
  • To increase visiblity in Google & Other Search Engines
  • Enhanced user Experience hence Increased Conversions
  • To understand the condition of your web On-Page
  • Get Specific recommendations for profile building
  • Content Optimization Tips
  • Aware you on How to avoid Google Penalties
  • Get your Customized Action Plan – just for your Website
  • 100+ checks covering all areas
  • Implementation Services (Optional)
  • To get More Targeted Keyword Suggestions

What is Included?

Technical Audit

Technical problems are capable of pessimistically influence your rankings, in many cases devoid of even realizing it. We will assess your technical infrastructure and make definite recommendations on how to resolve any issues.

Keyword Research Analysis

Everything begins with a keyword and it's the backbone of any successful campaigns. We will formulate surely that you are targeting the correct keywords and suggest you ideas of new keywords to target to satisfy your user's goal.

On-Page SEO Audit

We will evaluate the on-page SEO organization of your all web pages (including the homepage) to make certain that you are giving the right 'attractions' to Google algorithms.

Penalty Identification & Recovery

Is your website has been penalized by Google? Did you experience a sudden downfall in your rankings without knowing the reason? We will guide you if you are under a Google penalty and how to get rid of it.

Content SEO Audit

Is your content seems to be SEO friendly? Does it good enough for search engine & at the same time satisfying the user intent as well? Our specific SEO Content Audit will give you all the answers in a way that you can get.

Website Structure Audit

Many people just let go the importance of having a well-defined website structure & to be precise this is bad for SEO. We will review your website structure and will suggest you specific recommendations on how to optimize it.

Off-Page Audit

We will check your compelete link profile, identify toxic links that may be harming your rankings & make various suggestions on how to optimise your link profile.

Custom Strategy

Varoius websites fail because they don't posses a result oreiented SEO strategy in order. We will also help you to suggest an SEO strategy that can work for you being the part of this FREE SEO AUDIT.

Competitor Analysis

The best way to learn is to learn from your competitors, provided that you know what to searching for. Our competitor's analysis will identify what they are doing in a more better way & how to reproduce their steps to achieve even better results.

Action Plan

An audit report which is build without any action plan is just another audit.We will give you a precedent action plan on what you need to do to enhance your SEO performance in 90 days or less. Actionable things that can be capable of really making a distinction.

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75% of the Project Audit fails. You deserve the best.

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